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Medical Grade - Minnesota Made

INDUSTRIAL hemp refinery

NorthStar is a team of chemical and genetic engineers dedicated to producing the highest-quality hemp strains and products in the industry. Our chemists are busy transforming crude oil into medical-grade distillates and isolates .. 24 hours a day.

All winterization, distillation, fractionalization and other chemical processes take place within a Class 7 clean room environment.

NorthStar produces high value cannabinoids at scale, for use in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, beverage and cosmetic products.

GENETICS tailored for minnesota

NorthStar has developed several proprietary high-CBD, CBG and CBC strains that have been crossed with native Minnesota cultivars to produce stabilized (5th generation) seeds specifically designed to thrive in Midwest soils and climates.

Most seeds planted in Minnesota last year were from Oregon, Colorado or even China, regions with climates very different than our own. Midwest growing seasons are shorter, colder and often wetter than most of these strains are used to, so 1 in every 5 Minnesota hemp crops failed last year. Being a new industry, most hemp seeds on the market are only a generation or two removed from high-THC ancestors and so often go hot or hermaphroditic.

Every farmer knows how important it is to have the right genetics. We can test your soil to ensure you are matched with the most appropriate seed for your field.

We only have a limited supply remaining for the 2020 season, so reach out today if you'd like to plant some Minnesota seed into your Minnesota soil.

Cannabinoids are produced by the human body. They are a part of our nervous system and can help with immune response.

why hemp is special

Hemp flowers contain over 114 cannabinoids

Hemp seeds are a protein-rich, high omega superfood

Hemp fibers can be used to make nearly anything

Countless people have discovered the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties of CBD.  For many conditions, rare cannabinoids can be even more effective.  NorthStar has developed several stabilized strains with high concentrations of many minor cannabinoids.

Hemp phytocannabinoids are effective in humans because they map to endocannabinoid receptors within the central and peripheral nervous system.

Hemp seeds are a high-protein superfood, while hemp fibers are uncommonly strong and ideal for making literally thousands of products.

Industrial hemp can be used to make countless products, including foods, fuels, textiles, building materials and exotic materials like nanosheets.



100% thc-free

rare cannabinoids

food and fuel

building materials

bioplastics / biopolymers


We purchase crude oil that has been independently verified to have over 60% CBD content.  Occasionally, we will purchase biomass, for partners to extract.

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what do you sell?

We sell distillates and isolates to CPG manufacturers and sell certified seeds and clones to farmers.  We specialize in rare cannabinoids and 100% THC-Free.

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Hemp farmers deliver crops to extraction companies, who use solvents to remove most of the plant material and produce a crude oil.  We refine this oil into highly-concentrated distillates and nanoparticulates.

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what makes you so special?

We are a hemp sciences company.  We hire scientists and invest heavily into R&D to determine future medical and material applications for the plant.  Our most valued asset is our people and the IP they produce.

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